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As a Young Carer, children can find helping someone very rewarding, but they also have the right to be looked after.


A young carer is a child or young person who provides regular and on-going care and emotional support to a family member with physical or mental health problems, has a disability, or misuses drugs or alcohol. This does not mean the everyday and occasional help around the home that many young people are often expected to give within families.


The key feature of being a 'young carer' is that the caring responsibilities continues over time and can make a young carer vulnerable, when the level of care and their responsibility to the person they look after, becomes excessive or inappropriate and risks impacting on emotional or physical wellbeing, educational achievement and life chances.


Sometimes, being a young carer can get too much to deal with on your own or you may be stressed by too much responsibility. If you’re having any of these feelings, talk to your teacher, school nurse or trusted adult who can help you.


Are you?

  • Feeling tired
  • Worried about your relative’s health
  • Coping with other people’s moods
  • No time for yourself or your homework
  • Missing school
  • Feeling embarrassed about your situation
  • Being bullied
  • Low self-esteem, anxiety, anger or guilt


You’re not alone if any of these happen to you. Young carers miss an average of 48 days of school because of their role and 68% have been bullied at some point directly because of having to care for someone.



Even if you don’t feel like you need help for a problem, it is always good to have the support of others who understand your situation, we can provide you with:

  • 1:1 support
  • Information and advice on things like how to get help for the person you care for or help with finding out about higher or further education
  • Group work, and activities including social groups
  • Advocacy - we can support you in making your voice heard


There are social groups that run each week during term time and there are support workers that can support you. All Young Carers are welcome to come along make new friends  at the events, take part in games and activities and have fun! There are also other activities during the school holidays these may include, bowling, visiting the theatre, parks, picnics, or just meeting up with other young carers and lots more!


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