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Cultural Capital

Every member of our Hayfield Lane family, brings their own cultural and community experiences. We love to celebrate and embrace these differences… it’s what makes us unique!


Cultural capital refers to the different experiences and backgrounds that shape us as citizens of the diverse world we live in. Ofsted define cultural capital as…


“The essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.’ ”

Ofsted School Inspection Update, 2019


At Hayfield Lane Primary, we deliver a rich curriculum designed to enhance children’s cultural experiences and grow their cultural capital, giving them the opportunity to grow their cultural awareness, understanding and experience. From EYFS to Y6, children are exposed to a range of cultural experiences that they take forward with them beyond the classroom…  Examples of this include working with world rugby stars (performing cultural dances), collaborating with National Ballet dancers and performing at theatres, experiencing the thrills of circus entertainment and examining life as a traveller, traditional funfairs in school, visiting theatres to watch musical theatre, tractor rides and visiting travelling farms, sculpture parks, museums, theme parks and art galleries. We want all of our children to experience wonderful activities and do not want this to depend on a parent's financial situation. Our children have experienced activities such as trying to ice-skate for the first time and ride a pony with us. Many of the above are free of charge as we are passionate about giving children memorable moments and building their life experiences.

Cultural Capital and Language development


Often children can be disadvantaged in life by the limited vocabulary range that they have. As a school we actively move to address this with our development of Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary (technical/subject specific vocabulary), use of PROGRESSION IN LANGUAGE STRUCTURES (see Novel Study section of the website) and by using the BEDROCK intervention.


Bedrock is an intervention used in Year 3 and above to ensure that that our children are enhancing their vocabulary and hence increasing their cultural capital. See the READING section of the website for further information. We have also won awards for the level of improvement of our children.