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Friends of Hayfield Lane (FOHL)

Welcome to Friends of Hayfield Lane (FOHL) 

Friends of Hayfield Lane is a group of people who meet on a regular basis to organise fundraising events for the school. The meetings are informal and are the perfect forum to share ideas you may have. The group aims to involve the wider community in school events throughout the year, including at school fayres and discos. They also provide refreshments at concerts. FOHL are always looking for new ideas and welcome new friends so if you would like to join, please get in touch with the school office - 

Voluntary after school events run by Friends Of Hayfield Lane use Hayfield Lane Primary School facilities on a letting basis.  Events are all risk assessed in line with education risk assessments to account for safeguarding issues, potential hazards arising and reasonable adjustments to meet pupils needs. Parents have an understanding that the organisation is made up of volunteers from the local community (including some staff from Hayfield Lane Primary School) who when volunteering are not acting in paid employment.

Friends of Hayfield Lane ensure that disabilities are recognised and we make reasonable adjustments to remove all barriers to both adult and pupil participants in all voluntary attended events. However, we do have due regard to the constraints of the resources available to us as volunteering members of the community.