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Super Me!

Throughout Autumn Term, we will be looking at and learning all about ourselves and our families! We will paint self portraits, paintings of our families and think about how to write ours and others names. In the first half term we will begin Read Write Inc (phonics) and start learning our numbers so we know them inside out!

As the term moves on we will focus on the book Supertato, thinking about people who help us, and who are superheroes to us!

We will pop our learning onto here as much as we can, and we can't wait for you to see what we get up to!

Something happened over the weekend in our classroom! When we came to school we found lots of mess and some vegetables all taped and strung up! We looked around for clues and thought about what we found and what it might mean. There were lots of pesky peas handing around and leaving trails, so we decided it must be the evil pea! 

Our ideas were confirmed when we received a letter from the evil pea saying he had supertato too! 

This week we are busy making wanted posters and trying to find the naughty evil pea!

We made our own supertato!

Exploring our new areas!