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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Releasing the class butterflys into their forever homes.

Our role play area is developing nicely for our Wrens.

Wrens experienced how a caterpillar would feel in a tight cocoon ad breaking free into a butterfly butterfly.

Mini multi-link creepy crawlies!

Mason made a lifecycle model of a caterpillar.
Mia made a buzzing bee.
Mary made a very hungry caterpillar.
Louis made a spider.
Izaak made 2 caterpillars.

Constructing caterpillars.

Amellia made a pegboard caterpillar.
The boys made a very long brick caterpillar.
Amellia threaded a caterpillar.
Imogen threaded a caterpilar too.

Drawing ICT butterflies!

Our life cycle hats!