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Scotty's Heroes provision is a way that we develop our children mentally and physically. Mr Palmer works with targeted groups of children  who may lack confidence, leadership skills, collaboration abilities, are shy or are going through an emotional period in their lives. After completing pre-assessments with the class teachers, the sequence of provision specifically targets their need. This provision also enables children to develop their critical thinking skills independently or as part of a group in a targeted way. He encourages the use of fitness and the use of the outdoors to promote good mental well-being. The format of this is a BOOT CAMP MEETS FOREST SCHOOL APPROACH and complements the Forest School and Thrive provision run in school. OUR CHILDREN LOVE SCOTTY'S HEROES.


Mr Palmer also runs OUTDOOR ADVENTURE sessions for specific year groups where classes are targeted for this provision based on the needs of the cohort, particularly in response to Covid 19 recovery findings or where some children do not regularly engage in activities outside of school.


After school, Mr Palmer also runs SCOTTY'S HEROES as an alternative to traditional sporting activities so that the children who do not find they have an interest in competitive sports, have a chance to shine in alternative ways. This further develops our PE Curriculum as our children take part in lots of different outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team.


We believe that being in the great outdoors is key to good mental health and wellbeing, hence why we invest in provision such as FOREST SCHOOL, BOOT CAMP and WANDERLUST. We firmly believe that children build cultural capital this way and develop an appreciation for the environment. As part of this, we arrange for SCOTTY'S CAMP OUTS in the summer term so that our older children are able to experience the joys of outdoor living and cooking in the safety of the school grounds, making memories that they will treasure forever. This works in addition to our Y6 activity break residential. 


As a way of supporting the wider community to develop healthier lifestyles, the school is opened on Saturdays for SCOTTY to run a BOOT CAMP with a wider range of children and young adults.