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Week 3 - Africa

To celebrate our learning about Africa we made some Kwanzaa Benne Cakes which are an African celebration cake.We measured out and mixed our ingredients and then got to taste them. We thought they tasted crunchy at the edges, soft and like cookies. We gave them a big thumbs up.

Kwanzaa Benne Cakes

We have looked at some genuine African artefacts and listened and played some African music. We learnt about how music can be fast ,slow, quiet and loud. We also formed a small band and one of us acted as the conductor. 

Music and Artefacts

We have enjoyed the lovely weather this week and continued our learning outside, we looked at African instruments, write some sentences about animals and used the chalks to draw animals and African masks.


We have found out and written some fantastic facts about Africa and Kenya, we also experimented with colour blocking and looked at the Kenyan flag. In our construction we made some animals that live in Africa and created our very own safari.

This week we have been learning about the continent of Africa and focusing on the country of Kenya. We looked and compared the landscapes of Kenya to different countries. We also looked at what animals lived in this region. We have painted some amazing sunsets with animals on. We achieved this by using paint and blending the colours with water.