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Remote Education



If our children need to access remote learning, we use the  SEESAW platform. Your child has an individual log in code and can access class teacher presentations for each lesson of the day. This is used in situations where the full class are not in school, if there is an enforced closure due to snow or situations where only key workers are accessing provision in the school setting (for example Covid lockdowns).


At other points, when children are absent and this does not relate to illness,  the school uses OAK NATIONAL ACADEMY remote learning resources and children submit work via the Seesaw platform.


Children are always best educated in school with their peers with provision tailored to meet needs. Pupils requiring remote support as they hold an Individual Health Care Plan would have their provision decided on by multi-agency working and decision making.


During enforced closures, Seesaw is also a means of contact for parent but only during school hours. At other times when school is open to the majority/all then parents should telephone or email the school for support. 


For further information, see the BLENDED LEARNING POLICY in COVID information section of the website.