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Home Learning Expectations


In Year 1 Nightingales, the children are expected to read at least five times a week. Please remember to sign their reading planner each time they have read. They do not have to read the book that they bring home from school for each time you sign their planner. They are allowed to read books from home, books on Bug Club, etc. If the child has their planner signed, this will be recorded by the teaching staff. Every Friday, we have 'Cookie Friday' where they will receive a cookie if they have read five times during that week. 

Some children have already been enjoying the cookies that they have achieved. 

Keep up the good work! smiley



Common Exception Words

In Year 1 Nightingales, the children are expected to be able to read, spell and write the year 1 common exception words (these can be found in the back of their blue home learning books). Please support your child in learning these words so that they are confident in using these words independently in their work. 

Read, Write, Inc. Text

The children should be bringing home a RWI text. This should be classed as their main reading material (this text is closely matched to their reading ability) and they should be able to read it independently. Their class reading book (book band) may require adult support when reading. Any reading that the child does should be noted in their reading planner to support them in getting a cookie on 'Cookie Friday'.

Main Reading Text letter