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Global Citizenship

To be a great citizen of the future....

My name is Miss Ford and I am Global Citizenship Curriculum Lead.
At Hayfield Lane we believe Global Citizenship must be threaded through all of our practise at school.  Global Citizenship is key to a child’s education as it teaches them to understand more about the wider world, social justice, moral responsibility and how their choices and behaviour can affect others.   At Hayfield Lane we encourage children to think deeply and critically about real-life scenarios to equip them with lifelong skills and tools to apply to life at Hayfield Lane and beyond.  Exploring Global Citizenship themes nurtures personal respect for others and their communities. It helps the children grow in their beliefs, rights and feelings and allows the them to become aware of the views, needs and the rights of other citizens.  


We intend to deliver the Global Citizenship curriculum through:

  • our cross-curricular approach by unpicking threads and themes from our class novels
  • exploration of past and current worldwide events and key issues
  • issues, experiences or events in everyday teaching
  • exploration of citizenship through assemblies. 


They key elements for developing active and responsible global citizenship are identified as:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Skills
  • Attitudes


Through Global Citizenship, we are teaching aspects of Doncaster’s local drive to change (Education and Skills Strategy). Each term, every year group plans for a Big Project that includes Global Citizenship and has a root core of moral purpose as its driver within the project.