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Year 1 Seaside Day

What a beautiful and glorious day for some sun, sea and sand! We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Today has been amazing, filled with so much fun and plenty of surprises. We had the chance to play in the sand, building sandcastles, digging for shells and making mermaid tails. We also splashed about in the cool water which was a welcome activity in the scorching sunshine. 🌞 Upbeat music blasted in the background whilst we played games, such as coconuts, volleyball and beanbags. We had a surprise of horse rides and even got to ride a unicorn. We enjoyed yummy fish and chips (which came in cute cardboard boxes) al fresco. Our final surprise was delicious ice-cream or an ice lolly. All in all, today has been a fabulous day, full of surprises which have been etched into our memories!