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Look at our portrait gallery! All the brand new Hayfield Lane bags are waiting for the children to collect them.

Our maths displays are ready for the children to add all their knowledge to. We love learning maths in Ten Town aided by Numicon. All the characters such as King One and Thelma Three make the number learning so much more fun!

Our class novel this half term starts with The Tiger Who Came to Tea. One of the ways we teach is through Novel Study and Talk for Writing, we encourage the children to act out the novels we are studying!

We encourage writing in all areas, but the children can collect their resources from here. The children have written their names and had a go at piecing their names together as jigsaw pieces. We also have our team point jars, where children collect points for their house teams. Ask your child what team they are in!

We All Fit Together display. This could not be more true here at Hayfield Lane. Here you can also see signs of our small world area.

Our quiet reading forest is a place where children can collectively go to read their own books!

We encourage the children to learn the days of the week and the months of the year straight away. I wonder which month you were born?

Our behaviour ladder, ready for us all to climb up it!

Our painting gallery is just waiting for children to add their independent painting to. We will update this as soon as it is full!