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Special Days

Easter bunny!

The Easter bunny surprised us at school today!! He brought us all an Easter egg and we were so eggcited!! 


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Today was a very exciting day, Easter bunny’s farm came to school!! 

The grown ups in school were all dressed as farmers, animals and scarecrows , and then we got to meet farm animals, practice what it would be like milking a cow and even go on a tractor ride, and sit in the tractor!! 

In the classroom there were lots of farm themed activities, such as making tractors and farms in construction, writing sentences about farm animals, colouring farm pictures by numbers, and labelling things on a farm! 


We came to school in our PJ’s and brought our favourite book to share - or chose one from our reading for please books in school! 

We took part in lots of different activities all surrounding some of out favourite texts. 
Inside we counted magic beans to match amounts with Jack and the Beanstalk, 

made porridge for the 3 bears whilst exploring capacity too, 

role played the little red riding hood, both with masks and in the puppet theatre! 
We made houses for the three little pigs to save them from the big bad wolf, 

built bridges for the billy goats gruff,

made book marks and designed our own covers for our favourite stories! 
Outside we had a tea party with the tiger, 

drew the bears footprints for our friends to follow on a bear hunt, 

created our own stick families, and made some funny bones skeletons! 
We also worked together to make a much bigger bridge for the billy goats as the troll is so big! 


At the start of the day we had 6 texts to choose between. We all voted for which ones we wanted to hear and the top 3 were read throughout the day! 

At the end of the day we had a democratic vote on which story we liked the best….and chicken licked won by quite a lot! 

Pancake Day

We have really enjoyed learning about pancake day! We talked about why it is celebrated and is something that has carried on from a long time ago, and happens just before lent when Christians might give something up for 40 days. 

We tried different toppings - syrup and lemon juice and talked about the difference between them. We thought about how the pancakes and the toppings felt, tasted, smelt and what we thought of them. Not all of us liked them! 

Today we were very excited, as it snowed!! 
We went outside to explore in the snow, trying to catch a snowflake, and catch them on our tongues too!! 
we were most excited when it started to settle and had big plans for snowball fights and snowmen building when we went home! 

Today we had a very special treat as Santa came to school! We are very lucky as we had just seen him at Sundown Adventureland on our class trip too!! 


We were all very excited as we walked into the KS2 hall which had been turned into a magical grotto! 


All children got a present and told Santa what they would like for Christmas. We even got a dance outside the grotto in the hall after! 

Christmas event day!

We has our annual surprise Xmas event day today! 


We had so much fun going round the fair, and celebrating all things Christmas in school! It really got us all in the festive spirit!