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Can you design and make a castle for the giant? We decided our castles had to be strong and tall with a way to get in and out and some places to hide and keep a look out for enemies. Which ones met our success criteria?

We had a great time finding out about castles whilst thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk! Have a look at all the ways we’ve been learning. 

Hungry Caterpillars

Our 5 beautiful caterpillars have arrived in Wren class today. Chat to your child for all the latest information regarding their life cycle stages. 

We went on our ‘Spring Watch’ and found lots of signs of spring..... we found, seedlings, blossom, flowers beginning to bloom, insects were coming out, bees were in the blossom trees, we felt the warmer days, leaves and plants beginning to grow and of course crocuses and daffodils.... Can you help our little ones to find more signs of spring?

Today we were scientists! We investigated where ice would melt the fastest. We put a block of ice next to the heater, one next to the window and one outside. We made a prediction and checked at the end of the day to see what had happened. Can your child tell you about it and remember what the outcome was?