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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Goldilocks and The Three Bears and doing lots of thinking around the story. Children have got really involved with the story and enjoyed acting it out following our action board! 

we have covered what Goldilocks should have done, how the bears might have felt, what they could have done differently and much more! 

This week we have been building up to our teddy bears picnic which happened on Friday 7th May. We thought very hard together about what would make a good picnic, and what we might need. As a result, Through the week we have written menus, baked flapjack, baked and iced buns, and made bear hats and bunting to decorate the classroom. Children all came to school in their pyjamas, and some even with slippers and dressing gowns! We then used the first half of the morning to get our classroom ready, and then had our picnic starting with snack time! 

After our picnic we played party games and then in the afternoon had a movie with popcorn to finish our day off with a bit of calm. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and all children really enjoyed it!,