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Mental Health awareness

During mental health week, children in year 3 have been discussing what mental health is and they have been talking about some ways which we can help our minds and bodies. We discussed that sometimes people have happy, comfortable thoughts and feelings  but sometimes people have thoughts and feelings that don't feel so good. Children highlighted different emotions which they have experienced such as feeling happy, excited, safe, loved, worried, afraid, sad or even stressed. They then worked together to think of things which people who have upsetting or uncomfortable thoughts could do to help their feelings. Children shared their ideas and explained that keeping healthy and exercising can help keep positive, as well as doing some of the things which we enjoy, such as reading a book. Children also emphasised how it is important to be polite and kind to others, as this can make a big difference to how somebody else might be feeling.


As a way of promoting mental health, Year 3 made stress balls. Children used balloons, flour and wool to create their own stress ball and they drew different emotions on them. See below for photographs.