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School Closure


Hi Sparrows and Wrens!


We hope that you have had a lovely Easter with your families and are ready to get involved with some more learning!


It is really important that you practice your reading and counting skills each day, and you can still do lots of the activities we do in school as shown below! - don't forget we sent out a resource pack (paper, pencil, number line etc.) to help you with this too!



The government have now released some fabulous lessons which you can get involved with that will really help your learning! It is called the Oak National Academy and you can access it by following the link:

When you access the site, go to online classroom -> Schedule->Reception and you will find English, maths and foundation lessons for each day of the week!


The below activities and further home learning below are then optional. Don't forget to keep us up to date with what you are up to and look for other fun activities you could do over on facebook (Hayfield Lane Rocks EYFS)  :)


Happy Learning!!

The EYFS Team



Reading books- School reading books have all been collected in. Bug Club can be accessed online at

Log in details can be found in their reading record books. 

Reading for pleasure- Read any book from home.

Letter formation and writing- This could be practicing their name, writing some words or a simple sentence.

Use this link to find advice on phonics to help with reading and writing. 



Counting- Practice counting out loud to 20 or beyond. Children also need to be able to count amounts accurately. Use objects around the home to practice saying one number name for each item to count them accurately. 

Number recognition- Children should recognise numbers to 10. We have also been working on recognising and writing teen numbers. Find resources to support this below.

Simple addition and subtraction- For some children this could be counting out an amount and then working out one more or one less. Some children may be able to work out sums like 5 + 3= or 7 - 2 =


Below you will find the other areas of the curriculum and more ideas for literacy and maths.

Click on the home learning icon to find many more resources and information about how to use them.

Welcome to  Sparrows!


My name is Miss Ryalls and I teach Sparrow class while Mrs Mills is away looking after her new baby. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Clarke who works with us in the mornings, and Mrs Rushby who is in in the afternoons!


On this page you will be able to find out information about our class and everything you need to know about the curriculum. We will do our best to update this page as much as possible and post pictures and videos of the exciting things we have been doing!

Please browse the links below for further information.