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What Mr Darwin Saw

Samba Music

We have spent this afternoon learning about how to play samba music. The children have learnt about the names of the different instruments and some have taken the lead in creating call and response rhythms. 

Within our science work, we have been finding out about the classification of different animals and have discussed the characteristics of particular creatures.

We have been exploring different non-fiction texts and justifying why we have classified these texts as instructions, a diary entry, a biography, an autobiography as well as a non-chronological report. We had to pull out key features and vocabulary to support our reasons. 


We had a great time learning new skills in hockey today.

Rainforest Research Conclusions


After working hard on their key questions about the Amazon, the children drew conclusions from the research that they undertook. They used a variety of sources to ensure that what they produced was accurate and valid.

Rainforest Research


The children began the session by working in groups to select a key question about the Amazon rainforest that they wanted answering. For example, some thought about the endangered animals within the region whilst others explored the amount of wildfires in the area. After that, they began to use a range of resources to research their specific focus so that they could feedback the information to others and draw conclusions from what they had found out.

Fabulous French


Today, we were outside learning French in groups and taking part in conversations about school life in France - fantastique.