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Cross-Country Trials

I will be holding cross country trials on Tuesday 28th February, for the upcoming Hill House annual cross-country competition. The races, both at the trials and at the event, will consist of a run length of 1km for Year 3 & 4 pupils and 1.2km for years 5 & 6 pupils. Your child will need to come to school on Tuesday in suitable clothing (PE kit) and bring a change of footware so as to avoid trailing mud into the school. I will be taking the fastest 4 boys and 4 girls from Year 3/4 and the same from year 5/6.

Welcome to Hayfield Lane school sports,


This year, we have continued the legacy of our amazing sports council ambassadors, consisting of a group of highly motivated year 6 children. They had to write an application to state why they would be good leaders of physical activity and school sport and why they wanted to be part of the PE committee, making decisions on how we move physical education and competitive sports forward here at Hayfield Lane. They also had to undertake the interview process which included a sit down discussion with Mr Henfield so they could explain their vision for the school and how they see their role developing.


They will have half termly meetings, with Mr Henfield bringing their ideas and representing the voice of the pupils here at Hayfield Lane.


Congratulations ambassadors!!

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