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Today in maths we have been problem solving using capacity.  We had to order a set of bottles from the smallest amount of capacity we thought they could hold, to the largest amount.  Then we estimated how much we thought each container held, before finally testing our estimates using water.

Playground Leader Training


This afternoon, Mr Firth came in to train us on how to lead games at playtimes and lunchtimes.  We learnt about working as a team, how to be honest and how to communicate effectively with others.


Then we learnt how to play some team games.  We can't wait to get started at breaktimes.

Reindeer have landed!

Wow, what a day!  The children arrived at school to find abandoned presents, notes from Santa, 2 reindeers and their elves.  During the morning, we got the chance to meet the reindeer and sprinkle some magic dust to help them take off again.  We were also able to use what we had learnt in our non chronological reports that we have been writing about reindeer.  We also did some maths based around Santa's journey on Christmas Eve.

Pictures of our debate.  Our debate was fantastic and we really got into it.  The children came up with some very convincing arguments and reasons for and against saving the earth.  At the end there was an overwhelming vote to save the earth rather than inhabit a new planet!  Phew!  That is a relief!!

This week in literacy, we have been planning a debate.  We have taken the quote from George's Secret Key to the Universe


'Should we concentrate on finding ways to improve life on earth and face its problems, or should we try and find another planet for humanity to inhabit?'


So far the children have worked in teams to plan their speeches.  They have come up with some cracking ideas for and against and I can't wait to hear them debate it on Friday.

Pictures of us creating our reasons ready for our debate.

Welcome back to yet another busy half term on the run up to Christmas.


We are continuing our novel George's Secret Key to the Universe.  As part of our learning in literacy, we have been looking at active and passive sentences and what they are.  We have also practiced writing them and have been making 'human sentences' to help us understand how they work.  Here are some pictures of us in the lesson.



Active and Passive sentences

We are also continuing our work on Non Chronological reports in literacy.  We have planned what our report will contain using a spider diagram and then using Ipads we have researched information for each section.  We are currently turning our notes into sentences.  Below are a couple of pictures of what we have done so far but keep an eye out as by the end of the week our work will be completed.
I maths, we have been learning about fractions.  We have looked at how many parts make a whole one and we used fraction circles to do this.  We have also used cuisenaire rods to create fraction walls so that we can use them to work out equivalent fractions.  Some of us even got to slice a cake to find out how it could be shared equally (although I think the adults were rather keen to taste it!).
Our topic work this half term is based around Geography and our understanding of map skills.  So far we have been learning about what the continents are and where they are on a map, what the oceans are and where they are and also the lines of latitude and longitude.  Here are some images of what we have learnt so far.