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Week 2 - India

We have been tasting food from India. We tasted poppadoms, pilau rice, mango chutney and onion bhaji. We thought the poppadoms were very crispy and tasted like a crisp, the mango chutney was sweet and a little bit like jam, the pilau rice was a little spicy as well as the onion bhajis . Most of us really enjoyed tasting the food.

We have been very busy finding out all about India, we made animals in small world, we painted Mehndi patterns and created Rangoli patterns. We wrote some amazing facts that we have found out about India. We even built a replica of the Taj Mahol. 
We also looked at the different animals that live in India.  We looked at some interesting books about India.Take a look at our amazing tiger faces we have made.

We have been looking at artefacts from India, we looked at some Indian bangles, a Matka urn, Chappatti pan, Indian snake basket, Indian money, Indian doll, Diwali lamps, Indian cloth and a wedding garland. We all found them very interesting.

Indian Artefacts