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Santa's little helpers - Elf day!

WOW! What a magical day it has been!


Christmas has officially started here at Hayfield lane! We have had snow machines, Christmas songs, Reindeers and lots of elves!


The elves in Year 3 have been getting into lots of mischief and causing havoc around school today. Miss Rothwell caught a very destructive elf in the reading garden, a nosy elf on her laptop and even one having a cheeky nap in the recycling bin. However, this wasn't the only mischief that the elves got up to! They had sneakily planned to wrap poor Miss Rothwell up in foil and leave her outside in the cold! Luckily, Miss Rothwell managed to escape and chase after the troublesome elves.


Check out the pictures below, for proof!


Merry Christmas everybody!


From Year 3!