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Little Red Riding Hood

After reading the story lots, we watched how trees are cut down by woodcutters and made into different things such as furniture and instruments. We then explored different wooden instruments, making music together and thinking about what sounds they made. 

On Monday we decided to make baskets for red riding hood to take food to her grandma, we explored the food our baskets would need to carry (1 apple, 2 carrots and 4 plums) thinking about texture, weight and size. 
We then wrote lists of what we found and on Tuesday we decided what materials we would need to make our baskets so they were strong enough. 
on Thursday we stayed in our teams and made our baskets using a range of materials, some we had planned for, some we decided we would like as an extra on the day! We were really great at working in small teams of 6 and all of the adults were very impressed with the negotiation and talking through skills children used! 
Friday was the big test!! Mrs Mills got the food back out, and the baskets were lined up ready to check, we checked in teams and 2 out of the 5 baskets worked! For e ones that broke, we talked as a class about what they could maybe do next time to make it stronger, and children were very considerate of each other’s feelings. We all agreed that we had all tried our very best, and now we knew what to do next time!