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Our Learning

We have just started to explore story writing, first we created a story mountain for a fairy tale we are familiar with, then we collected ideas to create our own ending to our novel Roman Invasion

As we move onto our money topic in Maths we have shown our prior knowledge by exploring money and telling everyone what we know.

Our completed houses for Stig! Fantastic work by all Swifts!

Our brief was to make a new house for Stig. So we practiced our joining and strengthening techniques before making our final designs.

We continued our Cave Art by exploring which material we wished to draw on and what media we were going to use before completing our final piece of work.

For our cave art we looked at the position cave people may have taken, created these with our foil mannequins and then drew them!

We always have access to a variety of manipulatives to support our learning in Maths.