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Family Support Team

At Hayfield Lane Primary we have a dedicated team of Family Workers who are here to support families in various ways.  Mrs Harris and  Mrs Brooks (SENCO working with Early Help agencies) are there to support children, parents and carers.


We provide to support with:


  • family bereavements and relationship breakdown (support for children)
  • direct parents to sleep clinic-information and support for parents
  • support to improve school attendance/punctuality.
  • support with your child's behaviour in and out of school
  • SEND parent drop in sessions- support for every day life
  • help completing forms (Mrs Randerson in the office)
  • Parent/Child activity sessions-nurture groups
  • Nurture sessions for pupils who lack confidence, have low self-esteem or have difficulties expressing their emotions.
  • Mentor support for individual pupils



If you need to speak to staff regarding any pastoral care concerns, please contact our Family Workers via the Main Office.

School is also able to signpost parents to wider support available in the local area. We know every family is different and we want to provide support and information that is right for you...


YOUR PLACE  provide support and information that is unique to families and residents when everyday issues become difficult. By using resources to support families they can implement a coordinated approach to resolving issues.

The team are on hand to chat with you about what’s concerning you or anything you feel you need support with. They are there to listen and to help resolve your issues.

Here are a few things you can chat to their team about:

  • Benefits
  • Family Support
  • Local groups and activities
  • Childcare
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Housing support
  • Employment
  • Debt and financial concerns
  • Education support for your child as well as information for adults wanting access to adult learning courses.