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At Hayfield Lane, the majority of our curriculum links to our NOVEL STUDY APPROACH. Quality novels are specifically chosen as LEARNING JOURNEY DRIVERS each term . They also match the required curriculum content of the National Curriculum and bring oracy and literacy together.


Storytelling and reading require two different cognitive approaches. Storytelling draws from the right hand side of the brain drawing on holistic, visual and relational processing whereas reading and writing draws from the left hemisphere of the brain and are logical, segmented and mechanistic. The NOVEL STUDY APPROACH enables Hayfield Lane Primary’s curriculum to harness both aspects, simultaneously therefore developing children in both cognitive approaches. Of course our children recognise this as a fully immersive and interactive approach to English lessons and beyond, where they delve into the characters, plot and themes within texts whilst examining other curriculum content that matches the key points of the texts. This develops children as critical thinkers on a deeper level, thrashing out ideas in collaborative activities.  It is also engaging and wonderful fun; at times learning through drama and role play. We want our children to develop a lifelong love of reading by truly diving into a good book.


The classrooms replicate settings within our novels so that children are able to use them to enhance learning and build real-life experiences in order to empathise or express meaningful opinions on what they are reading. Examples of this include classroom immersion areas becoming forests during the study of Robin Hood, with soundtracks enhancing this setting, allowing children to build creative writing ideas and respond effectively to reading comprehension. These areas are not however attractive gimmicks; their creation is based on a firm research base that children choosing to read books in their spare moments is nationally decreasing in modern times and therefore children do not always have a wealth of language or experience of story content to draw upon within their academic study. Novel Study approaches actively move to address this for all children, whatever their previous experience or enjoyment level of reading. Outside providers and school visits are also used to enhance experiences within Novel Study to build cultural capital.

Novel Study Areas

Oracy is systematically developed within NOVEL STUDY, with children applying learning in presentations, debates, speeches etc . These also link to modern day issues-for example Robin Hood and world deforestation. This deepens understanding. Oracy has a progressive structure to ensure that all children are developing at an age appropriate level with children writing for a range of purposes and audiences in interdisciplinary projects which cover a wider curriculum.

For more information about NOVEL STUDY please contact Miss Ng, the school’s English Lead. Alternatively, take a look at our newsletters to see the sheer enthusiasm of our children.




Oracy- Progression In Language Structures document that is used within Novel Study and beyond.