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School uniform



School uniform is an important part of Hayfield Lane as it :

  • plays a key role in promoting the ethos of the school
  • provides a sense of belonging and identity
  • sets and appropriate tone for education



At Hayfield Lane we endeavour to make our uniform affordable for parents. Other than the school tie, all items can be purchased from any outlet or gained free of charge from our PRELOVED shop (stock permitting).


At Hayfield Lane Primary, we require children to have a school uniform which consists of:


  • White shirt-this can be a polo shirt or cotton shirt and can be long or short sleeved
  • grey or black trousers or shorts for summer
  • grey or black skirt-also an option to have a grey or black pinafore dress 
  • In summer, there is an option for  red gingham checked summer dresses/short legged playsuits
  • School tie-to be purchased from school for all those wearing a white shirt
  • Red jumper/cardigan. These can be purchased from any outlet. School sells a jumper with a logo for those who wish to have this specific item
  • black sensible school shoes (velcro or laces)-can wear black trainers as long as they have no emblems or designs on them (must be totally black). In winter there is an option for girls to wear boots. No footwear should have a medium/high heel.
  • In summer there is also the option for children to wear sensible sandals that mostly cover the feet-no flipflops are permitted (for safety reasons)
  • Winter tights- red, grey or black




At Hayfield Lane we like our children to have some individuality in terms of their hair but ask that the colour remains of a natural colour.




NO JEWELLERY should be worn other than a watch and there is the option of ONE SET of stud earrings (should children wish to have ears pierced). These studs should be plain studs. For those families requiring religious jewellery, this should be arranged with the Head teacher via prior discussion.


PE uniform:


  • white t shirt (no designs)
  • dark shorts
  • pair of trainers/pumps
  • dark joggers and jumper for PE in colder months





The shop is available half termly and holds a good selection of pre-loved items. We like to do our bit for the environment by recycling uniform where possible. For further information, please attend the GRACE COFFEE SHOP-held Fridays 2:30-3:30 in THE ZONE.



  • school shorts (not PE)
  • pinafore/summer dress
  • school book bag (one is given but pupils are allowed their own)
  • red, grey or black winter tights