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Emotional Wellbeing



Children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and they need to recognise how to be emotionally and physically safe. This is why we prioritise wellbeing provision alongside academic progress and interventions.  Emotional wellbeing and safety education is delivered throughout our novel study curriculum as we strongly believe in it it's importance. See the Relationships and Sex Education section for further details. TRIBE TIME is used to enhance this further and children are developed as a class group. We also used additional provision to support our curriculum offer. 


At Hayfield Lane Primary we are passionate about the positive effects of outdoor learning on mental health. As a result of this we invest in FOREST SCHOOL provision, run by Mrs Harris, our qualified practitioner. Children are able to challenge themselves, learn to effectively co-operate with each other and get creative and healthy in the great outdoors. Take a look at the additional information below.


For children who lack confidence, lack resilience, don't believe in their own abilities or are going through tricky times, we have SCOTTY'S HEROES BOOTCAMP. Mr Palmer (Scotty) works on specific areas to develop children's confidence, emotional wellbeing and leadership skills. See the information below.


To unlock children's true potential we also use THRIVE which is a restorative approach to behaviour and relationships. Thrive is a school wide approach. Our children requiring specific support have targeted sessions with Mrs Harris, our THRIVE PRACTITIONER, to ensure that they are emotionally developing in a systematic way. Resources are then used by class teachers to build upon this. See the specific page below.


Hayfield Lane Primary are a TAKE 5 school. This programme focusses on wellbeing and mindfulness to support all children to help them deal with any emotional challenges they may encounter in life. Take a look at the specific page.