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The Siva Tau

When it comes to the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC), our children have been in the thick of it. In Doncaster, sixteen primary schools all entered a  draw to follow one of the RLWC nations taking part. We were fortunate enough to be drawn Samoa. From that moment, we followed them all the way to the final. Through our partnership with The Dons RLC and The Legacy team, our children were asked to perform the Siva Tau (national dance of Samoa performed on the pitch before an international match). This was a huge honour and a real cultural journey. We worked with Freddie Tuilangi (ex Samoan international and current cultural ambassador to Samoa) to perfect the dance. Thirty five of our Siva Tau group performed at Doncaster’s council house as part of the civic reception for the Samoan team. Members of the team visited  our school where they spoke inspirationally to the children about fitness, health and a life outside of international sport. Our experience was capped by our children performing the Siva Tau at half time on the pitch at the Eco-Power stadium during Samoa’s victory over Greece. What an amazing experience for all involved.