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Parent Forum

Parent Forum is a wonderful way in which home and school work together to make a real difference for the children. Unlike FOHL who solely fund raise , Parent Forum looks at taking parental views on new initiatives in school and examine ways in which parents would like to see the school developing. The meetings are termly and we try to vary the times so that working parents are also able to access the meetings. New policies, initiatives and feedback are all covered and parents/carers have the opportunity to raise any issues that concern them/that they wish to see developed further. A governor is also present to hear your views on the school.


If you are unable to attend the sessions, you can still have your voice heard! Agenda item slips are available in a box in the school reception. Simply fill the form in and Mrs Ryland (Parent Forum Leader) will ensure that your idea/concern is heard. All parents are given minutes of the meetings and we show how the school has taken on board all items discussed.


We also have a parent resource making group who help make target area resources so that our children can learn in the best way possible. If you would like to be part of this group, please speak to Mrs Ryland.


At Hayfield Lane Primary we understand that working together as a team we can achieve great things. Please see the newsletter Diary Dates for further details.