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Special Events

Easter Celebration

As part of our Easter celebrations, the children were treated to a visit from farm animals and tractor rides around the field. 

This half term we have had the opportunity to work with The Royal Opera House in dance workshops. A team from the Opera House have worked with the children and selected a group of children for the Chance to Dance programme. They will be training with a Dance teacher for a performance in May. 

Chance To Dance

A new home for Robin Hood?

Today we explored our local area to see if we could find a new home for Robin Hood. We mapped out the local woods and when we returned to school, we drew our own Ordnance Survey map to show how he could use the land. 

Launching our Robin Hood topic.

Robin Hood has written to us to ask if we have the skills needed to join his band of outlaws. Today we practiced our arrow shooting skills and made our own bows. We are ready to join in the journey with his Merry Men!