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Pig-Heart Boy

After exploring different types of games that incorporate electrical circuits in them such as Operation, the children have been working hard in groups to create their own games.

Games using electrical circuits

Year 6 have investigated how to make electrical circuits by using a range of different equipment.

Well here are our finished sculptures, that quite rightly, the children are very proud of. They have worked hard to ensure that their figure matches their final design plan. Great job!

Today we created the wire frame for our final sculptures. It was so much easier after we had made our prototypes because we understood how to bend and twist the wire as well as make it more stable through the use of masking tape.

After exploring the works of sculptors such as Alberto Giacometti, the children have begun to design and create prototypes of their own. They had great fun thinking about what they wanted to represent and the best materials to use to showcase their art.

Sculpture prototypes

Look at these fabulous freeze-frame images of our dance based on the Moby soundtrack to James Bond. The children have worked very carefully on each routine by considering their sequence, movements and facial expressions. 

This term our text relates to the topic of the human body in science as well as key issues related to RE, citizenship and human rights. We look forward to sharing our journey with you. Have a look at the parent overview sheet to find out more.

Spring Term 1 Parent Curriculum Overview Sheet

Today we have used our information from our exercise routines outside to create our own graphs using the data. It also gave us the opportunity to explore patterns within the data and see if there were any inconsistencies that needed looking at again.

Today we have explored how exercise affects our heart beat. The children worked in groups to create their own investigation into how their pulse changed after taking part in different exercise routines. As you can tell from the pictures, they really enjoyed it, especially when they had to do an activity again due to results being questionable.