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Our current topic is Stone Age to Iron Age.  This is a selection of activities for you to choose from.  Aim to complete 1 or 2 a week but have fun with them and be creative!

Topic activties

If you love science, here are some website links to STEM and WOW Science, where you can find information about exciting experiments that you could do at home (with the support of an adult)- HAVE FUN!

Science activities for 20.04.20 - 24.04.20.

Part of our science curriculum is learning about plants.  Below are a list of activities to complete during this week to help you learn about plants.


1. Logon to Purple Mash and go to your 2do section.  In there you should have 2 tasks that have been set called 'Plants labelling' and 'lifecycle of a plant.' Have a go at completing these activities.  You could also as an alternative or as well as: use a plant from your garden (please ask your adults permission first) take the plant apart and place each of its parts in separate sections.  Using strips of paper or post it notes, label each part of the plant.  You need to aim to label the following: stem/trunk, roots, leaves and flower.  If you don't have access to any plants you could either draw a picture of a plant using google images and label it or use the image uploaded below and label it or just complete both 2dos on Purple Mash.


2. Find out what the job of each part of the flower is and write it down in full sentences.  Use the link in the resources section below 'Plant videos' and once on the website click on video 1 'Parts of plants' to help you.


3. Investigate how water travels from a plant's roots to the rest of the plant.  Use the experiment attached below. Use the link in the resources section below 'Plant videos' and once on the website click on video 5 'How does water get from the roots to the leaves of plants?' to help you.


4. Find out what plants need to survive and write a paragraph on it.  If you are able to, as an extra activity, you could try investigating your findings by taking 2 flowers and giving 1 flower 1 of the items they need to survive and the other none of them e.g. 1 flower in water and the other without and see if your findings are correct (again please ask an adults permission first).  Use video 2 from the Plants videos link below.


5. Find out about the process of pollination.  Then either make a flower and a bee and role play the process.  You could film it or write about the process of pollination and draw images to show each part.  You could also choose a way of your own to present it.  There are some links below to help you.  Use video 4 from the link 'Plants videos' below.