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English activities 20.04.20 - 24.04.20

Please continue with your daily phonics work, revising over the sounds using the links from last half term.  Also, please keep practicing the spellings as well.

Daily Diary

Keep a diary of what you have done each day so that in the future when you look back on this time you will be able to remember what you did each day.  You could include any key events from the news, any phone calls you had, any activities that you did and how you were feeling.  This can be a few sentences to a paragraph or more if you wish per day.  Remember that the features of a diary should include:

  • The date
  • Feelings
  • Past tense
  • Written in 1st person - I
  • Written in time order


Complete an activity each day from below.  Make sure that you watch the video clip first.

Day 2 complete page 4 of the activity booklet.

Day 3 complete page 5 of the activity booklet.

If you wish to complete any of the other pages then please do.

Day 4

Play this game to practice using apostrophes for contractions.

Day 5

Have a go at the apostrophe drop game.  Have fun!