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Autumn 1

More Autumn Learning

Carry 4 objects on our boats!
Will it float, will it sink ?
Do we need a larger boat or a smaller one ?
Cracked it!
Acting out Owl Babies
Counting out 5 objects
Taking turns to work together.
Fruit and veg printing for Harvest art
Writing Harvest a Festival invitations.
Pumpkin exploration
Counting the seeds
What’s it smell like?
How does it feel ?
Farmyard Harevest Festival, small world play
Planting veg
Riding our bikes
Pumpkin soup
Waiting for his turn on the bike, using the timer.
How can we make the number 5 ?
Lots of ways
Counting up to 5
Using the ten frame to make 5
Vegetable printing
Map making
Making a map of our outdoor area
Doing Fiona Fives exercises
Making 5 online smoothies
Playing the healthy fruit, online 5 game


Building monsters
Drawing chalk forest animals
Play dough forest animals
Forming Freddy Four
The children have built a shop !

Learning in Wren class

Building in construction
Manoeuvring the new construction tools.
Hello, hello, who is there ?
In the caravan
Dig, dig, dig
Digging in the sand
Bug ball
Creating a mobile
Play dough creations
Owl collages
Police making tea
Elsa having tea
Tea in bed
King one crown
King one crown
Owl babies
Owl babies
Story time
Enjoying a book in the forest
Making play dough frogs
A play dough slug