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Pig-Heart Boy

Healthy Lifestyle Games

Here are some of the great games that we created using an electronic circuit. We are so proud of what the children have put together because they work incredibly well and are so innovative. Year 2 had great fun playing the games.

Electronic Games

We have had great fun designing the prototypes for our electronic board games that relate to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing the finished product now that the children have ironed out their concerns.

We had a great time at Crucial Crew where we took part in a variety of safety sessions to help prepare the children for secondary school.

In French we have been learning how to count to 100. The children were challenged to see which group could complete the domino challenge first. It got very competitive but really showed how well the children had done at remembering the numbers and applying their learning.

In PE, we have been creating dances linked to the classical piece Storms by Vivaldi. The children were investigating how to represent the different parts of the blood system flowing through the circulatory system. They were fantastic. 

Science has involved the children creating exercise routines to help them investigate whether or not increasing the amount of activity that you do increases your heart rate. The class have worked brilliantly in teams and supported one another with planning their investigation as well as recording the results.