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Themed Events

The food was so yummy and delicious!

Children in Need 2015

We had a class of mini-superheroes! We designed a new superhero and made a book describing our new heroes. 

We had a 'Bollywood Dancing' day on Tuesday 17th November to celebrate Diwali. It was so exciting and extremely fun! Everyone joined in and showed off their impressive dance skills. Kingfisher Class is full of little dancers! The children practised a dance to perform to the school, they were amazing! 


Anti-Bullying Week

Don't forget that it's Anti-Bullying week. We started the week off on 'Blue Monday' where we all wore blue. We discussed why we were wearing blue and what bullying is. The children really enjoy discussing this topic and gave some fantastic opinions, ideas and comments. It was very insightful seeing what bullying may mean to a small child. 

Kingfishers have got a good understanding of what bullying looks like and the impact it can have on people. 


It's Nearly Christmas!!


It's been a very exciting week! We had a surprise visitor to Hayfield Lane Primary School, reindeers and elves. We had an amazing time and they are definitely welcome back anytime.