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Autumn term - Big Project

Big Project

Our focus during the Autumn term has been linked to the award winning text 'The Last Bear' by Hannah Gold.  Using the novel, we were able to link our science, geography and global citizenship to the text and focus on the impact that climate change has on sea ice, the Arctic circle and animals that live in those regions, in particular polar bears.  We then combined this with a trip to the local Yorkshire Wildlife Park, who are currently working hard on a project called Project Polar, to help save the polar bears in the polar regions and highlight the impact that climate change is having on them. 


From our visit, and talk with Carnivore Kim, who looks after the polar bears, we created non chronological reports about polar bears and looked at the effect that heat has on ice and in particular sea ice.  We looked at how the sea ice can be a producer for the food chain, that would help feed the polar bears and the impact that we are having as a society on the melting ice caps.  Our challenge was then to create a display board, that the Yorkshire Wildlife Park can use, alongside their Project Polar campaign, to inform visiting members of the public about climate change, the Arctic and polar bears from our learning.  We are really proud of our hard work and hope that you are able to learn something and help support the polar bears.


Please find the link to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park's Project Polar webpage below, to find out more information about how you can help save the polar bears and what the Yorkshire Wildlife Park are doing to help.

Our Big Project linked to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.