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Mrs Riley

Mrs Riley

Welcome to our Nursery FS1 class page!


I am the FS1 Teacher and Early Years Leader and my name is Mrs J Riley.

Our Class is called the 'Robins'.


I have two experienced Learning Support Assistants working alongside me in Nursery

Mrs N Oades (NNEB) and Mrs L Boyer


We have both a morning and afternoon nursery here at Hayfield Lane Primary. The children each receive 15 hours free entitlement and we now also offer additional sessions for you to purchase at the fantastic price of £3 per hour (£9 per session).

We offer a rich learning environment with great continuous provision to encourage independence and learning.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we plan and teach activities and experiences for children to learn across seven main areas of learning:


3 Prime areas of learning

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional development


4 Specific areas of learning



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


Your children will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know to be 'school ready' and ensure a smooth transition into FS2 Reception.


Play is a child's learning and we have great fun in the indoor and outdoor environment, click on our 'Having fun at work' page to see our pictures!



Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

National Nursery Rhyme Week

Comments from parents included ; "We loved seeing the children sing" "my child has been singing constantly at home!" 

The children said they were very proud of themselves too!

Christmas Party Day

Lots of party food to enjoy!
Dancing fun
Super dancers!
Jelly and ice cream!
Pull that cracker!
Musical bumps!
Musical statues
Pass the parcel
Our little star!
Little Bo Peep, Incy Wincey, Baa Baa White Sheep
Baa Baa White Sheep, Little ladybird, Incy Wincey
Alex's Grandma joined in the fun!
Morning stars
Afternoon stars

Reindeer landed at school today!

Snowy and Dinky
I can see you!
Making magic reindeer food
Tip in the magic dust!
More magic dust tomake them fly!
Making reindeer biscuits
This is fun!

Having fun outside!

Row Row your boat!
Looking after our garden
'Fixing' the trees!
Having fun climbing and jumping
Hold on tight!
A 'rocket' to the moon!
Roadworks ahead!
Great counting
Having fun doing 'big' building
I'll read you a story
We love Pepper Pig!
Let's see what we can see here!
Look what I found!
We found snails!!!
Mud pie anyone?
Fun digging in mud
Lets write that idea down!
Painting with water
You lot are heavy!
Water in tubes
Look whats happening!
Wow! Look down here!
Let's all work together
This is fun!
Oh no its dripping!
I'll catch it!
It's hard work sweeping
The Troll is chasing the Billy Goats!
Time for tea!
Anyone for cake?
All aboard our boat!
Land ahoy!

Owl Babies Novel Study (see gallery for more photos!)

We love our 'Owl nest'!
I love you Boomer!
Wow! So big!
Your feathers are so soft!
Your wings tickle!
"Hello Boomer"
Wow this straw feels "hard"
This straw smells nice!
Picking up with tweezers!
This is fun!
A nest for a baby!

Balance Bike Lessons

Robins flying the nest!
How good are we at balancing!

Events and Celebrations! World Book Day

World Book Day Morning Children
Jessie's here too!
Afternoon children
Our Elmer!
Sophie the Owl Baby!
Harry Potter and Little Red Riding Hood
Having fun!
Dont we look great!
Big friends!
Alice in Wonderland
Look at us don't we look great!
We will protect you!
Painting pots with our Mummy's
Enjoying a story in the nest!
Sharing books with our parents!

Bonfire Night

Carving a Pumpkin
Making Collage Pumpkins
This feels yukky!
Making chocolate 'sparklers'
Can't wait to eat these!
Making 'drip & tip' rockets

Autumn Walk

Look what I found!
Wow! lots of leaves
This is a good one!
It's fun outside