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At Hayfield Lane, we regard reading as being an important skill that children need to master. To support your child in developing their reading skills, it is essential that you give your child many opportunities to practice and reinforce these skills. Please remember to read with your child as often as possible. 


Every Friday is 'Cookie Friday' for the Nightingales. 

Your child's reading planner will be checked every Friday to see how many times they have read that week. If they have read 5 or more times, they will be able to have a cookie on Friday as a reward for their hard work and dedication to developing their reading skills. The children really enjoy receiving a reward so please support your child in this weekly exercise and sign their reading planner (they will not be able to earn a reward if their 'reads' aren't evidenced in their planner). 


Your child has different reading materials available to them, these can all be used to support your child.

Your child will soon have a paper copy RWI text that they bring home with them everyday (please make sure this is kept in their bag so that it can be changed on the day chosen by the RWI adult). They are also able to access online reading material on 'Bug Club' (Active Learn website).


Bug Club

Log-in details can be found at the front of your child's reading planner. 

If the program asks for a school code, please input the code below (this is a generic code for every pupil at Hayfield Lane). 

School code: qljl