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Out Of This World

After learning about our world last half term, we are blasting off into outer space this half term.. and we have so many questions to answer!! 

Children have thought a lot about what they would like to know about outer space, and we are so enthusiastic to find out the answers to our questions! 

We are starting off with looking at the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. We will be thinking all about rockets, as well as designing our own! We will also be looking at baby bears journey to the moon, before focusing in on the moon and what it is with the questions; Can we live on the moon? Is the moon a circle? and Where does the moon go in the day? 

After the moon we move out into space and our solar system. Thinking about the key questions; Is the sun a planet? What are stars? and Can we live on the sun? 


Our learning, and how you can help at home!

Aliens have stolen our pants!! Please keep a look out...

We have been working our number bonds in lots of different ways - and we are amazing at it!