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These documents will help you support your child with writing. They do not need to be printed off. Use them to get an idea of the type of activities you can do if you do not have access to a printer.
This sheet will support you to form letters correctly.
This is an idea for work that can be done around rhyme. Children could find words that rhyme and write them down.
Here are some picture stimulus to encourage children to write sentences. You may wish to write about something else. Encourage children to say the sentence they want to write. They may need support to remember their sentence. For each word of the sentence, ask them to sound it out before they write it down. Some words may be tricky words that can't be sounded out. Use the sound mat you have been provided with. 
Your child may prefer to write a story. These documents will give you an idea of how to structure stories. You may prefer to make up your own.