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Safety and your child

Preparing your child for a safe life is paramount to the staff and governors at Hayfield Lane Primary. From strong safeguarding procedures to a clear Behaviour and Relationship Policy, Health and Safety arrangements and inspections, your child is in safe hands. If you need any further advice on ways in which we ensure that children are safe, please see our school  policies section under 'parents'


Our children learn to be safe through quality sessions that allow them to consider dangers/unacceptable behaviours that they may encounter in life. E Safety, Anti Bullying events, NSPCC workshops and much, much more, inform our children without frightening them so that they can spot any dangers before they occur.


Keeping Safe is an integral part of the curriculum and is evident in many subjects. 


Safety aspects focus on health and safety and safeguarding content and we work with both children and parents to ensure that families are fully informed and supported.


Take a look at the additional information below. Further items can be found in the POLICIES section of the school website.