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Special Events

Farm Day

We had a visit from the farm. We saw lots of different animals and even got a ride on the farmer’s tractor! We learned about what the animals eat and how the farmer looks after them. We have had a brilliant morning. 

World Book day

We have had a wonderful time celebrating world book day. We had a parade of characters, activities, game and shared stories. 

Pancake Day

Today we celebrated pancake day. We took part in a variety of activities including making and tasting pancakes with a variety of toppings. In the afternoon we had pancake races and a pancake obstacle course.

Science Experiment 

Today we were scientists. We investigated where ice would melt fastest. We had a block next to the heater, a block next to the window and one outside. 

We made a prediction and checked at the end of the day to see what had happened. Can your child remember what the outcome was?

We hope you enjoy watching our Christmas performance, Robin's Magical Christmas.

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Santa dash!

Santa trained us so we could be fit like his elves. There were lots of obstacles and running to help us stay fit and healthy at Christmas. 

Christmas Event Day


We have had a fantastic time ice skating, looking at reindeer and throwing snowballs in the snow globe! We have decorated our classroom and are feeling festive and ready for Christmas!

Dinosaur mystery!

Last week a mysterious egg appeared in our classroom. Today we found the egg cracked open and whatever was inside had escaped! We have been looking for clues and deciding what to do about the dinosaur on the loose!

Forest school


Today we explored fire safety in forest school. Mrs Harris showed us how she makes a fire with flint and steel. She melted some chocolate on the fire so we could make an edible sparkler and also made some popcorn.

We talked about how to stay safe around fires and heard the story of Bonfire night. 


Today we came dressed as Halloween characters. We have been taking part in lots of Halloween activities including making pumpkin soup!

Driving My Tractor

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Big, Red Combine Harvester

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Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow

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