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To be a S.T.E.M. expert .....

Hello, I am Mr Henfield and I am leading the STEM team here at Hayfield Lane Primary School!


With science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) being interlinked with our everyday lives, the development of STEM at Hayfield Lane Primary School is an exciting one. We believe that every child needs a well-rounded STEM education to be successful in the 21st Century. STEM subjects are the foundations of our modern world and we are committed to providing this education via various experiences throughout the school year as well as through regular STEM-infused lessons.

At Hayfield Lane, the children are exposed, both directly and indirectly, to STEM subjects from their first day. Being an integral part of our curriculum, this exposure and focus develops as they move up the school and they become more aware of how STEM is integrated into, and impacts on, their everyday lives.

Through starting the teaching of STEM subjects in early years, we believe that we a spirit of resilience and adaptability which will help to challenge the current belief among schoolchildren that these subjects are difficult and only lead down a specific career path such as “being a scientist”, when actually STEM subjects open up a variety of interest and career options for our children.