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Safe Children

Preparing your child for a safe life is paramount to the staff and governors at Hayfield Lane Primary. From tight safeguarding procedures to a strict Behaviour Policy ,Health and Safety arrangements and inspections, your child is in safe hands. If you need any further advice on ways in which we ensure that children are safe, please see our school  policies.



Our children learn to be safe through quality sessions that allow them to consider dangers/unacceptable behaviours that they may face in life. E Safety, Anti Bullying events, NSPCC workshops and much, much more, inform our children without frightening them so that they can spot any dangers before they occur.


Keeping Safe is an integral part of the curriculum and is evident in many subjects. We also have child leaders in safety- See our Playground Leaders and Playground Peacemaker sections of the website.


More and more children are accessing the internet both at home and at school, it is therefore important that parents, carers and staff are vigilant to what children are able to access, particularly with the increased use of social networking sites.

Within schools we operate our internet through a regional filtering system. We have an e-safety policy that staff follow when allowing children to access the internet. All staff and children sign an appropriate acceptable use agreement. The children engage in a e-safety procedures that they follow and refer to when using the internet.


In the documents below you will find posters that will be displayed in school. Parents may find these useful to refer to when allowing their child to access the internet. There are also some useful websites that have resources to raise awareness of e-safety and how to use the internet safely and responsibly. We often use resources from CEOP and explain to our children how they should report any cyber issues.


We understand that the internet is a fantastic tool which can support children's learning however we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that staff, children and parents understand how to keep safe while online. In order to do this we have an annual e safety day in school as part of SAFETY WEEK  where children have the opportunity to learn about keeping safe online.

Our e safety week ends with a joint staff, parent and Governor assembly session which is very informative. If you have been unable to join us for this event in the past, or indeed if you would like to be kept up to date with e safety issues, please look out for information about e safety week .  


School E Safety Poster 1 - doc20110304162351.pdf

School E-Safety Poster 2 - doc20110304162322.pdf


 Information about keeping safe online can be found by visiting:

Be smart on the net

NSPCC Underwear Rule- explaining what is appropriate or not to children

Child Sexual Exploitation


Parent Info is an amazing resource provided by CEOP and The Parent Zone. It is a website with regularly updated articles for parents covering a range of topics such as e-safety, digital parenting tips, privacy settings and the use of social media. Click below to take a look.