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KS2 Vulcan Cup



The Vulcan Cup has been a huge success so far and I'd like to thank all players for participating. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions (frozen ground for example which will hurt a player if they fall on it) and organised events, we will not have time to play all the fixtures before we break up for Christmas. I am therefore postponing all fixtures until after the Christmas break. 


Many thanks


Mr Henfield

The Vulcan Cup

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we will be a lunchtime football league for years 3-6. This league will be split into two separate leagues consisting of an upper and a lower KS2 cup. The matches will be played during lunchtimes and the children will need to be ready for kick off on time. Each team has a designated captain who will liaise with Mr Henfield over any decisions made, squad changes and fixtures.


All fixtures and dates can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


The rules of the cup:


The KS2 Vulcan Cup


1, The game is 6-a-side with a squad of 8 players, substitutes can be used at any time and can re-enter the game. 


     2, Goalkeepers must wear a different colour shirt or bib from the 5 outfield players. 


     3, All players MUST wear shin pads as per Football Association Rules. 


     4, Kick off will be decided by the toss of a coin. 


     5, Games will 10 minutes in duration. Punctuality of teams will allow us to have longer games.  


     6, During the league games the points will be as follows: 


3 for a win 

2 for a draw 

1 for a Loss 


     7, All rules are as Football Association Rules with the following amendments: 


a) Goalkeepers are allowed to pick up the ball after a back pass. 

b) There is no offside. 

c) All free kicks are direct. 

        d) All players can enter the goalkeepers area. 


     8, The footballs used will all be size 3. 


 9, Players can wear trainers or moulded football boots only. No Metal Studs.