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Bedrock Vocabulary

Bedrock Vocabulary

Bedrock Vocabulary is an interactive online curriculum which increases pupils' engagement with reading. This exciting program engages pupils with a variety of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts whilst delivering activities to support learning. The innovative curriculum adapts to the individual pupil's learning and personalises a learning path to reinforce skills taught. 


The program is aimed to target children in Key Stage 2 but assesses and supports the pupils according to ability not age. Bedrock Vocabulary exposes and teaches the pupils to tier 2 vocabulary, allowing them to develop a wide range of words which can be applied to their reading. This extensive vocabulary is vital to support the children in becoming successful and confident readers. 


Our pupils enjoy this online curriculum which encourages a love for reading and increases cultural capital. 




Hayfield Lane Primary School has won a Bedrock award. 


Hayfield Lane Primary School is the best Bedrock primary school for closing gaps in the North East.


Well done to the pupils at Hayfield Lane! Keep up the good work!