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Hayfield Lane Governing Body

Governors of Hayfield Lane Primary



Hayfield Lane is supported by its board of Governors which under the terms of the 1998 Education Act is responsible for the curriculum and welfare of pupils, the school’s budget, staff appointments and the care of the buildings.


Structure of our Governing Body

There is one full Governing Body meeting each term at which issues are discussed and decisions made. The Governing Body is then split into sub-committees: a Strategic Development Committee chaired by Kath Lister; a Pupils and Personnel Committee chaired by Kirstie Fenwick; and a Finance Committee chaired by Claire Argo. Each committee meets at least once a term. It has been decided that all Governors will attend all committee meetings to prepare for succession planning. Where necessary, the Governors are split into two smaller groups where it may be necessary for the decisions made to progress to an appeals panel.


The Governing Body of Hayfield Lane consists of:


  • Headteacher

  • Two parent Governors (appointed by parents)

  • One Local Authority Governor (appointed by the Local Authority)

  • One staff Governor (appointed by the school staff)

  • Four co-opted Governors (appointed by the Full Governing Body)


    Chair of Governors

    Kath Lister. Can be contacted through the school office.



    Louise Tempest. Remains on the Governing Body as Headteacher.


    Parent Governors

    Donna Braisby – term of office 13th October 2016 to 12th October 2020

    Kier Rhodes – term of office 13th October 2016 to 12th October 2020


    Local Authority Governor

    Kath Lister – term of office 2nd July 2016 to 1st July 2020


    Staff Governor

    Andrea Law – term of office 24th November 2015 to 23rd November 2019


    Co-opted Governors

    Claire Argo – term of office 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2019

    Alastair Gooderham – term of office 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2019

    Kirstie Fenwick – term of office 14th October 2016 to 13th October 2020

    Sharon Toothill – term of office 10th November 2016 to 9th November 2020


    Governors who have resigned during the 2014-2015 academic year

    Sheila Ajimati – term of office ended 31st December 2014

    Victoria Barrass – term of office ended 5th March 2015

    Iyabo Awe – term of office ended 31st August 2015

    Lynne Green – term of office ended 31st August 2015


    Governing Body Full Board Attendance 2014-2015


    Autumn Term Meeting 22nd October 2014 – All Governors present except Andrea Law, Sheila Ajimati and Victoria Barrass (apologies)

    Spring Term Meeting 25th February 2015 – All present except Beth Carr, Iyabo Awe and Victoria Barrass (apologies)

    Summer Term Meeting 15th June 2015 – All present except Sharon Toothill and Lynne Green (apologies)


    Register of Interests

    From 1st September 2015, Governing Bodies of maintained schools have a duty to publish their register of interests. This register is required to include the following details:


    Any business and pecuniary interests (as recorded in the register of interests) including:

  • Governance roles in other educational establishments

  • Any material interests arising from the relationships between Governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives)


    Please see below details of any interests declared by our current Governing Body for the academic year 2016-2017.


Name of Governor

Interest Declared

Louise Tempest


Kath Lister


Claire Argo


Donna Braisby


Kirstie Fenwick


Alastair Gooderham

Pastor of Grace Church – hire the school hall each Sunday

Andrea Law


Kier Rhodes


Sharon Toothill

Manager of Hayfield Social Education Centre (located next door to school)


School Improvement Plan-Parents' Quick Glance version

Chair Of Governors Blog

Easter 2016

As this short term comes to a close I would like, on behalf of the Governing Body, to congratulate  the staff, parents and pupils on another successful term. After a disappointing (and in our opinion unjust) outcome from our Inspection the staff have picked themselves up and provided so many wonderful experiences for the children as well as their usual dedication to providing an exciting curriculum. The pupils have worked hard in return and parents have given their wonderful support to the school. We are very fortunate in the way everyone involved pulls together to ensure that Hayfield Lane is a happy and successful place to be.

 I would like to also take the opportunity as English Subject Governor to say a special thank you to Year 6. I met with Miss Ward recently and she told me that her class are really rising to the challenge in preparation for their SATs even though they have many new things to learn. Well Done Year 6!


On behalf of the Governors I wish you all a very Happy Easter and an enjoyable holiday

September 2015

On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Academic Year for 2015/16. A special welcome goes to our new parents and pupils, I am confident that you will enjoy your time at Hayfield Lane.

Welcome to our new staff; Miss Ng, Miss Parkin, Mrs Wimble,  Mrs Brooks and Miss Garrity I hope you will be happy in your new positions.

Welcome back to all staff and pupils returning I m sure you are looking forward to another exciting year.

The school is looking very attractive having been redecorated throughout creating a lovely environment for learning. Thank you to Mrs Tempest, Mrs Collins and all staff who have spent a considerable amount of the six week break in school to make this possible.


Kath Lister

Chair of Governors


July 2015

As the academic year draws to a close I would like to thank all of you; staff, pupils and parents for all the hard work you have put in to make this a successful year for the school.

This has been an exciting year with lots of new initiatives and activities, too many to mention.

As a Governing Body we are very pleased with the successful introduction of Read, Write Inc. and Novel Study. We are particularly proud to be part of the Maths Mastery programme and delighted that our pupils will be on film to promote the programme nationally.

We are excited to be part of the Doncaster Schools expansion programme and look forward to welcoming our new pupils and parents in September when we will have two Reception classes for the first time.

We wish our Year 6 pupils all the very best as they move on to the next phase in their education, we hope they will keep in touch and tell us about their future successes.

We are sad to say goodbye to three members of staff, two of whom have been at the school for many years; Mrs Green, Mrs Harrison and Miss Liddle. We thank them all for their hard work and wish them every success in their new ventures.

Finally on behalf of the Governing Body I wish you all a joyful ( and hopefully sunny) six week break and for those returning look forward to seeing you in September.

Kath Lister

Chair of Governors

18th March 2015

As the term comes to a close I would like to thank Mrs Tempest and the staff for making it an exciting one for the pupils.I would also like to thank all parents and carers for the wonderful support you give to to the many and varied activities. I was completely amazed at the number and standard of cakes for the bake off. Congratulations to everyone who entered and especially to the winners. I would not have liked the job of judging them.


The Library looks amazing with the Gruffalo art work and it is enhanced by the fact that this was a whole school project. Well done children ( with a little help of course from artist Peter Baldry!!)


As a Governing Body we are still concerned about the attendance of some pupils. We look forward to your support in improving this next term. Your children's punctuality and attendance are essential in ensuring they take full advantage of the education the school provides for them.


There are still a number of exciting activities for the children to enjoy during the last week of term, especially the decorated egg competition which is always a favourite.


May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Governing Body to wish you a Happy Easter and I know that Mrs Tempest and staff have lots of interesting things planned for the Summer Term.


As usual if you have any issues you would like to discuss with me please contact me through the school office.


Kath Lister


January 2015

I was fortunate this week to accompany Mrs Green, Mrs Law and Miss Liddle to the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. What a wonderful occasion! To see thousands of young people from so many schools coming together to sing in a huge choir was inspiring. It was a fun and sometimes moving experience. I would like to thank Mrs Green for inviting me and to especially thank the children, their behaviour was excellent and I was proud to be with them. Well done Hayfield Choir!


On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to send you all our best wishes for 2015.
I visited the school last week to meet with Mrs Tempest and to find out how the new term had begun . The atmosphere in school was very positive and on my tour of classes it was lovely to see the children happily engaged in their learning with smiling faces and positive attitudes . The classrooms are hives of activity with exciting and stimulating displays.

Again on behalf of the Governing Body I would like to welcome Mrs Ryland to the teaching staff, Mrs Randerson to the office staff and Mrs Muxlow as our new Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Tempest informed me that a big focus for 2015 ( and always ) is to encourage pupils to read at home at least three times per week. It is rewarding to see classes competing to be class reading champions. I am sure they will be rewarded when local artist Peter Baldry transforms the library in the Gruffalo Forest.

As usual there are many exciting activities going on this term. I have been fortunate in being invited to join Mrs Green and the choir to attend Young Voices on 21st January which I am looking forward to enormously.

If you have any issues which you would like to discuss with a member of the Governing Body please contact either myself or the Vice Chair, Miss Claire Argo through  the school office.
We will both be in attendance at next weeks Parents Evenings should you wish to speak to us  with any comments or queries or just to say hello!

Kath Lister ( Chair of Governors)